With hints of weather beginning to get warmer and warmer, it’s safe to say that summer is just around the corner. But due to the temperature difference in morning and evening, it might get cold if we wear a dress only for a day. Hence, here we are! We’re going to give you chic but practical ootd inspirations for floral dresses.

✨ #Inspo 1 – Blazer + Floral Dress

Speaking of blazers, you could only think of workplace wear? Let’s pair your floral dress with a blazer for daily look! Why? Because the elegance of a floral dress could well balance the neutral vibe of a blazer. In terms of the color choices, we recommend you could not only try the most basic colors such as white and black but also try colors like Khaki as they could brighten your look to next level.

 Meghan in Floral Dress

Image: from VOGUE


 floral ruffle dress

✨ #Inspo 2 –Leather Jacket + Floral Dress

Just like blazers, the leather jacket is also an essential piece for every wardrobe. But you might wonder how a very cool leather jacket pairs with a cute floral dress? Alright, the key is to make sure the very clean design of your leather jacket and avoid too much metal decorations on your jacket. By doing so, a sophisticated floral dress is easier to be paired with and your look will have a point.

Danielle campbell in floral dress

Image: from Celebfirst

Even the queen of fashion – Jennifer loves pair a floral dress with a leather jacket. After 19 years of the final season of FRIENDS since 2003, Jennifer still holds the high level of dressing up and she always looks stunning. Check our previous article to see her outfits in FRIENDS.

Jennifer Aniston Outfits in Floral Dress

Image: from Popsugar


 black floral dress

 #Inspo 3 –Denim Jacket +Floral Dress

Don’t know what to wear for college life? Well, youth has no enemy! Denim is definitely a good choice to keep you look stunning in school and it is super easier to be paired with anything. A midi floral dress plus a denim jacket and a pair of high heels will be better to even out the proportion between your torso and your legs. If you want to try something more eye-catching, floral dress in colors like red is a must-have.

floral dress outfits

Left Image: from ahabatcr

Right Image: from Pinterest


floral wrap dress

✨ #Inspo 4 –Cardigan Jacket + Floral Dress

Not quite the vest, and not quite the sweater. Cardigan is always cozy, comfy, and statement-making. They also come in various colors and designs, which makes them versatile. Many of you might keen on throwing a cardigan jacket on basic items like a simple blouse or a t-shirt. Why not try a floral dress this time? The tenderness of cardigan plus the sweetness of a floral dress could make you nail the elegance (Don’t say I didn’t tell you: this is also the favorite way that female main characters from Korean TV dramas love to dress them up.

taylor swift outfits floral dress

Image: from Glamour

#crashlandingonyou #hyunbin

Image: from @hyunbinfanstargram_0925


 floral lace dress

From these above four suggestions, you can see that floral dresses are very versatile and make for great wardrobe pieces. Which inspiration will you pick? Leave your comments below.

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