The Qi Pao (Kei Po), or otherwise informally known as the Cheongsam, is a dress worn by Chinese women that took on a popular wave in the 1920s. Now its contour fits better, allowing women to show a slim curve. Although qipao is no longer worn as daily clothes, qipao has become a new trend. Qipao appears frequently in major shows and on the screen. Its style is elegant, and the pattern integrates exotic customs. Wearing it can reflect the integration of culture. It is deeply loved by stars.And they rock the style of qipao, channel the qipao into new Y2K fashion. More Qipao Collection in Peacebird.

In this article, you can find the beauty of qipao, which embodies cultural integration.

# 1. The Secret Dress Code of Celebraties

In Australia released in 2008, Nicole Kidman wore a red printed qipao with hollowed out chest, which perfectly combines conservative traditional beauty with modern fashion and sexy.At the age of 52, she made a stunning appearance at GQ awards 2019 in a golden qipao.

 Nicole Kidman in Qipao

Left Image: from Australia

Right Image: from GQ Awards 2019

On one of Jennifer Garner’s red carpet shows. She wore a sophisticated black Alexandre Vauthier halter-neck asymmetric maxi dress, with a qipao-inspired neckline that featured white piping on the collar.

 Jennifer Garner in Qipao

Image: from the Zoe Report

Jennifer Aniston, one of the protagonists of Friends, also wore qipao in the play. Are you still impressed?

Jennifer Aniston in Qipao
Image: from FRIENDS



However, the traditional qipao will inevitably appear too grand in daily life. Coupled with the long skirt, it will become difficult to move. And there is a gap in the market for young people to find qipaos they want to wear.

Left Image: from the Mood for Love

Right Image: from the Met Gala 2015

# 2. Emergence of Modern Qipao

The appearance of the modern qipao can not only reflect the beautiful body curve of women, but also integrate modern elements and become fashionable.The trend of improving qipao has been popular in the fashion circle as early as the 1990s.In recent years, the figure of improved cheongsam has appeared in the shows with a more fashionable shape and we can see how much the Kardashian loves Qipao so much that show their nice curve in a more elegent way.

Image: from Alice AcCall AW 2018 RTW


Image: from Christian Dior FW 1997

Modern qipao can appear in our daily wear. With the support of qipao, Kim Kardashian's already eye-catching S-shaped figure looks more graceful, while the luster of qipao silk and pink traditional Chinese painting style patterns also appear very advanced. The hollowed out design of qipao chest and the length of qipao, and the gentle qipao also shows the seductive side.

Kim Kardashian in Qipao

Image from Instagram

Kim Kardashian in Qipao

Image from Instagram

In addition to wearing qipao alone, it can also become a fashion item. Different collocations can show uniqueness, elegance and modern side. Various improved versions of qipao style clothes are also necessary for Kim Kardashian to go out of the street, and can even be used to match with leather skirts. Kardashian's coat adopts the style design of traditional Chinese qipao, with red trim and dragon pattern. Mixed with leather clothes and Martin boots, Kaia Gerber's improved qipao is also very interesting.


Image from Instagram

Kaia Gerber in Qipao

Image from Instagram

Except the brightly colored printing patterns, there are also improved qipao more suitable for spring. Wearing a yarn modern qipao, Kendall Jenner reveals sweetness and tenderness in elegance.

 Kendall Jenner in Qipao

Image from Vogue



qipao top

# 3. How Kids Rock Qipao in Girly Way

Image from Instagram

Image from Instagram

Kim Kardashian not only loves wearing qipao, but also wears qipao for her daughter North West. The girl who put on the qipao and went out with her mom instantly became a little lady. It is undeniable that children who wear qipao will look different from their peers. Besides being cute, they also appear to be Lady and elegant. The improved qipao will not restrict children's activities.The improved qipao will not limit children's activities. It can make children become the focus of the school. Put on beautiful qipao and play with their friends!


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