“Don’t be scared of being beautiful, sometimes people don’t know how to handle things that are really beautiful”. 
                              ————————Giambattista Valli

Shopping is the best antidote for curing winter blues. It doesn’t matter whether the weather has turned warmer or if the flowers have bloomed yet. It will never be too late to prepare for your signature look, try a new style, and upgrade your wardrobe for the upcoming spring.

For a fresh start to the season, we launched a brand-new collection -Shine in Spring for celebrating International Women’s Day. From the premium blazers in a minimalist style to the sweet midi skirts and beautiful mixing prints, there must be one you like. More importantly, we hope clothing can not only make you feel comfortable but also can be a way to do yourself and express who you are. You are born to shine. No matter you are at workplace, in a date, or go to school, we hope our collection could explore your beauty and shine in spring.

In this guide, you would find 5 spring outfit ideas that would be easy to follow and copy.

It’s sort of a way to do math but will definitely be funnier than doing math. You will also get full support from us if you would like to try the fashion style that you rarely wear. Let’s make difference this spring.

Now, scroll down to see all the interesting formulas. 

  • Shine in Spring at Workplace

Formula 1: Tailored Button Front Khaki Blazer + Classic Pencil Skirt + Court Heels –Abstract Artsy


blazer outfit ideas for office lady in spring

Style Notes: The heart of your office wear is to stay minimalist which is featured by simple and clean silhouettes and monochrome fits. But it doesn’t mean your dress code has to be too plain. In terms of the colors, although black and white will never let you make mistakes, choosing low saturation colors like Khaki is also a great idea to brighten your look while helping you stay professional. Pairing the blazer with a blazer skirt in the same color could make your whole look more harmoniously and stay feminine.

Little Tips: Choose to add a vest on top of shirt as a layer up will help you have a whole new look. Remember to avoid abstract artsy prints in a large area. Again, less is more when it comes to office wear style.

  • Shine in Spring at College

Formula 2: Knit Vest + Simple Graphic T-shirt + Leather Mini Skirt + Black Boots –City Sleek


spring outfit ideas for college

Style Notes: The key to dressing up for uni life is to show your personality and energy but not to be too glam. Knit vest is on a hot trend recently, even luxury brands like Chanel have vest pieces. Hence, choosing vest in bright colors like green or blue is definitely a good choice as it could be a great standalone piece as well as a perfect option to layer for style or warmth. To complete this whole look, you could pair the vest with an oversized T-shirt to balance the look and provide the additional structure. But remember to choose your items to be oversized in a right place like the waist and the shoulders. For the bottom, a leather mini skirt and black knee-high boots will be perfect for adding some coolness for your school life.

  • Shine in Spring in a First Date

Formula 3: Backless Blue Jean Dress + Pearl Chain Hand bag + Classic Beret – Geek Chic

Spring Outfit for First Date

Style Notes: Want to leave good impression and attract more attention but don’t want to try too hard for your first date look? A piece of backless denim dress will be a right choice. It could help you stay cute and elegant. In meanwhile, when you turn around, a strappy design could add sexy to your look. But don’t forget to choose premium cotton so that you can stay super comfortable before and after dinner. To add freshness and elegance to your whole look, you can pair it with a pearl chain bag and a classic beret.

  • Shine in Spring in a Picnic

Formula 4: Floral Midi Dress +Classic Small Handbag + Cozy Flats – Easy Classics

elegant spring picnic outfit

Style Notes: Picnic outfits can be really fun and summery. As the flowers bloom and the weather warms up, is there anything more idyllic than having chat with friends on a picnic blanket in a midi dress with beautiful floral prints? To add cuteness and sweetness, you could choose dresses with the mid-length puff sleeves, the flattering tiered skirt, and wide lapels. For a lovely and cozy picnic, simply dress up with flats, a fisherman hat, and a small handbag will be good.

  • Shine in Spring at Daily Sports Setting

Formula 5: Basic Black Crop Top + Tailored Leggings + Sneakers

spring outfit ideas for daily

Style Notes: The keywords for daily sports settings are cozy, easy, and effortless. Pair a crop top with a legging can be used for running errands, heading to the gym, and travelling. Finish off this look with casual sneakers will always be the best choice. But to add color and energy to your look, you could choose those sneakers with colorful decorations such as stripes in purple.


Hope these above formulas brought you several inspirations about spring outfit ideas. Don’t forget to find more lovely inspirations in our Shine in spring collection. Leave your comments below and tell us which look is your favorite.

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