|Sustainable fashion is a process and movement fostering changes to products, producing processes, activities, and actors (brands, consumers), aiming to achieve a carbon-neutral fashion industry and pushing towards social justice.


Ningbo Peacebird Fashion Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ‘Peacebird’), as one of the leading fashion brands in China, devotes to creating fashion in a way which is most considerate of environment and humanity with the mission of “Let everyone enjoy the fun of fashion”.

Image: Peacebird Head Office in Ningbo

During the briefing of Carbon Neutrality of Fashion Industry in China that was held on June 1st 2021, the Chairman of Peacebird, Mr. Zhang Jiangping, promised that Peacebird will identify the carbon footprint information of all the products of Peacebird by 2030 as well as achieve net zero emission of the whole value chain by 2046.

Image: Peacebird Carbon Neutrality Meeting

You might still doubt that why the sustainable fashion is so important in today’s fashion landscapes. One of the most asked questions is, does the world really need sustainable fashion? Here are the top 3 reasons:

#1.Sustainable Fashion Reduces Carbon Footprint

Do you know that the global fashion industry emits a large amount of greenhouse gases per year? Fashion production actually makes up almost 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions, pollutes rivers and streams, and dries up water sources. This is because most of our garments are made from fossil duels and are petroleum-based which largely depend on fossil fuel extraction. This means, at the production stage, such materials cost much more energy and can produce plenty of carbon footprint during extraction, manufacturing, and shipping. By contrast, recycled materials need relatively less chemical treatment or less energy to grow.

What Did We Do?


This T-shirt adapts Sorona® fiber which is a polymer made of 37% annual renewable plant-based ingredients and offers core features like wrinkle resistance, softness, and stretch recovery. On average, the process of producing Sorona® fiber use 35% less energy and release around 60% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional fibers such as nylon. Additionally, Sorona® fiber can be recycled in single stream polyester recycling.

#2.Sustainable Fashion Saves Water

Water is the necessary source in the fashion industry as it has been used for the dyeing and finishing process of our clothes. Especially for materials like denim are highly dependent on water. In order to make a pair of jeans, 3,781 liters of water are required.

What Did We Do?

Image from Levis

We tried our best to use less water for producing denim collections. For example, we use organic cotton which is able to effectively reduce water consumption by 91%, contrasting to conventional cotton. Additionally, we are trying to apply a bit of ozone and a thimble of water instead of detergent. By doing so, the benefits include offering our customers with softer and safer denim for your skin and avoid skin allergies. And, more importantly, the jeans you love made by using less water.

#3.Sustainable Fashion Protects Animal Life

Can you imagine that the global leather industry kills over 430 million animals per year? Fashion brands also kill animals for another material: fur. Even if more and more consumers are fighting against using real fur in clothing, many high-end fashion designers still use real fur as a luxurious material.

What Did We Do?
We support sustainable faux fur. Why? Well, the conventional faux are mostly made from synthetic which is a main culprit contributing to the plastic issue. Have you realized that more than 100,000 marine animals die as a result of plastic entanglement or ingestion? By contrast, sustainable faux fur are recycled and are easily to be degraded. 
By now you should be familiar with sustainable fashion. At Peacebird, we will continue to work towards a sustainable future in fashion. Let’s try our best to reduce pressure on environmental impacts and restore the balance between the planet and people with regards to fashion.

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