"Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life."
                                                                                                 —Bill Cunningham


Do you like the sea breeze along the coastline or the busy morning in the city? It’s now the right time for people to get close to nature. Why not wear your new clothes and drive to the coast, or chill out in the city on a sunny weekend?

Peacebird Men's spring light outdoor series, continuing the concept of harmonious coexistence with nature. This is not only a way of dressing, but also an attitude to life. The Peacebird Men hopes everyone can reconcile with the stressful city and coexist with the free and worry-free nature. All we want to convey is the PEACE IN NATURE.

Here are some wearable fashion for you!


Now, let's scroll down and take a look at the natural time of PEACEBIRD MEN.


# 1: Along the Coastline: Let’s Escape from City

Why not join us on a adventure to escape the city. It’s the perfect season for getting outdoors. Blowing the sea breeze, walk along the coastline with your friends and puppy. The Classic Baseball Jacket paired with a simple T-shirt is the best choice for spring camping. Feel free to choose the color with your friends!

(baseball jacket + T-shirt)

Don't worry if the weather is getting hotter. A casual polo shirt with khaki slacks blends in perfectly with the beach. Put on your peaked cap, the stripe design adds a casual atmosphere. If the fast-paced life in the city makes you a little bored, just take a seaside adventure with your puppy!

(polo shirt)

# 2: City Boy: Timeless Urban Nature

Don't stay on the couch! Let’s stroll on the city street corner, grow in sync with nature, and breathe the free breath of spring. Just a casual shirt paired with T-shirt and sneakers, Whether in a cafe or a picnic, it can easily match the fashion sense of city boys.

T-shirts are the eternal darling of fashion. Oversized fit is suitable for all figures. The large letter printing on the neckline and back adds a lot of fashion sense. Pair it with black backpack and slacks to easily create a youthful look.

# 3: Fabulous Functionality: Practicality of Fashion

Summer is for outdoors and exercise. But do you always feel uncomfortable from sweating?

How about an occasional race car? Release your passion in speed. Clothing is not only fashionable, but also practical. Cold feeling and quick-drying Salona fabric is perfect for every occasion, whether it's outdoor sports or at-home workouts. It's perfect for you and your partner to wear for a workout! 

Know more about Super Speed.

If you need a more formal dress, try this polo shirt. The special functional fabric makes you feel cool in summer, and the white dove embroidery on the chest adds an elegance.  PEACEBIRD hopes to explore more unique clothing fabrics to create a better wearing experience for customers.


Know more about Mr.Dove.


The above is a summary of outfits from Peacebird Men, Hope they work for you too.


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