Good day, guys! Today we’re going to talk about an enduring topic. We believe every woman wants to know - what to wear when meeting your partner’s parents. Let’s dig deeply. The real point should be how to impress their parents while you staying comfortable?

Take it easy, beauties! It’s not that difficult as you think. We summarize the top3 wearing rules that the most of K-dramas actresses love for you! You will definitely be fine if you did them.

#1. Simple and Clean Color Blocks

Regards of the choices of colors, the key is to pick those colors in low saturation but in high brightness. Avoiding those over-complicated pattern or really dark colors like black in order to create a lovely vibe. Still don’t understand after you read these words? No worries! Check the pictures below!

*From K-drama- Anna (2022)

Image from weibo @讨喜Hani

Image from Otakukart

Image from Parapuan

Image from Soompi

Images from Little Red Book @明星的穿搭日记

#2. Add Femininity to Your Whole Look

  What I mean here is to avoid the design of your clothing to be too hard. Instead, please try some flowing design. For instance, an oversized and soft knitwear, or a silk midi dress.

*From K-drama- Shooting Stars (2022)

Image from weibo @微时尚播报

Image from weibo @微时尚播报

Image from Vogue Hong Kong

#3. Stay Comfortable as Always

  Impressing your partner’s parents is important, but make yourself comfortable is the biggest thing. Because it can help you keep at your best and enable you to relax.

*From K-drama- True Beauty (2021)

Image from Little Red Book @种子

Image from Little Red Book @种子

Image from Little Red Book @种子

Just as I said at the beginning, we want to make sure that you will be confident and get well prepared. Hence, we prepared 5 outfit inspirations for you! You just copy and paste them.


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