Last year, Emily in Paris released Season 2 to continue the beautiful life of Emily. The new 10-episode case also gives fresh inspirations to all of us the way to dress mixing patterns and dress in an American and French fashion style.

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If you are staring at your wardrobe and thinking about how you can replicate the magic that Emily’s closet exudes as well, do not worry about that! We’ve summarized the 5 best fashion inspiration that you need for 2022! Let’s scroll down now.

#1. Classic Chanel Style

When Emily, Sylvie, and Camille having a brunch next to the Louvre, the outfits of these three are quite colorful and eye-catching. But for me, my favorite one is Camille’s white and black Chanel style blazer.

Image from Seventeen

A large area of cream white color block perfectly incorporate with symmetrical black lines and plus exquisite gilt button decoration echo her gorgeous blond and reflect her elegance. Quite charming, isn’t it?


#2. Houndstooth Pattern

Speaking of the trendiest pattern this year, houndstooth must on the list! The color green lights up the whole look and helps to create a chill vibe.

Image from HomeOfTheNutty

Image from HomeOfTheNutty


#3. Leather Jacket

Emily’s friend Camille loves picking leather jacket in dark colors and she pairs with different hair styles every time which helped her to look cool but chic and elegant.


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What you could finish a look with a leather jacket? Well, you’re recommended to choose a T-shirt and a pair of jeans.



#4 Long Dress in High Saturation Colors

France symbolizes for romance. A long dress with special designs could portray a woman’s romance and her fascination. My favorite long dress in this TV drama is this blue one which makes Emily looks super energetic but gentle. Don’t afraid to pair with this dress. Learn Emily! Let’s carry a color orange handbag.


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#5. Classic Berets

How can you forget the fashion icon of this TV drama – Berets?! As an accessory, it will not overtaking your attention. Instead, it can level up your whole look. Choosing colors like red or yellow can definitely make you look like a French girl!

Image from L’OFFICIAL Austria

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