Jeans are widely recognized as the most versatile option when finishing any outfit for any occasion. Agree with that but already running out inspirations for pairing with jeans? Please check our previous article to learn more. 

We know many of you love denim is not only because of its various styles but also keen on its nature of long lasting. Therefore, we need to care our jeans in a right way. Otherwise, it’s inevitable to see the passage of time on them. Now, let’s scroll down to see how to care for your denim so that they look as good as new.

✨#1.How often should jeans be washed?

Unlike other garments, you don’t have to wash jeans just after every wear. This is because, washing too frequently will damage your denim material and make the color quickly fade. Also, it will make your jeans lose its original shape so that your denim would not conform to your body.


What you need to do instead is to wash smaller stains with a soft toothbrush or a damp sponge. Or, if you feel your jeans really need a freshen up, you could hang them outside to air and apply a fabric freshener. The point is only wash them if’s necessary.


✨#2.Washing jeans in the washing machine

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It’s impossible that we don’t wash our jeans forever. The washing day will finally come. Washing jeans by hand is strongly recommended, but we understand that washing machines can help you save more time and energy. Here are several tips that will protect your jeans during washing:

  1. Make sure you turn the jeans inside out before washing as it can minimize the abrasion that causes fading
  2. Please notice that loading the washing machine sufficiently so that your jeans will not bump into the drum of the machine. Also, don’t overload the machine. Otherwise, you can’t get your jeans clean.
  3. In terms of the water temperature, please wash you jeans according to the labels on your garments. In most case, the cooler the better.
  4. You’re recommended to apply a cup of white vinegar rather than use fabric softener because it can fix the colors better.
  5. You shall separate jeans in different colors during washing because the color might run onto the lighter jeans.

✨#3. Drying and Ironing your jeans

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Using the tumble dryer is not a good choice! Air-drying is the best because the dryer will cause shrinkage. If you really need the dryer, please remember to turn your jeans inside out and use tumble dry on a delicate cycle on low heat setting. What’s more, you should iron jeans inside out and at a low temperature when ironing. Don’t want spend too many time on ironing? Shake your jeans out before hanging them up because by doing so, you can remove most of wrinkles.


✨#4. How to store your jeans

It’s highly recommend you to not to hang your jeans up with clipped hangers because they could leave impressions on your denim. By contrast, you can fold jeans and place them on shelves. You can also purchase S hooks which you could attach to the belt loops and then, hang on a hanger. But you should make sure that the belt loops need to be hard enough.

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Learn and follow our tips! Bring long life to your jeans. We’re also happy to hear other useful tips to care our jeans. Leave your comments below.

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