Hoodies are recognized as the most comfy and versatile choices no matter for an after-dinner walks out, sports activities, or chill evenings with Netflix. But recently, the ‘hoodie game’ has become much more interesting than before as the newest fashion trends have brought the hoodies a new life.

Want to feel comfortable, look chic, save the time to consider the way to pair with a hoodie? Scroll down to view the hottest way to dress up a hoodie!

🔥#1. Comfy Style with a Hoodie & Jogger Set

The easiest way to dress up a hoodie is to choose a set. Wearing in such a way could not only help you stay conformable but also can intentionally create a “lazy” feeling which show your own life attitude: you enjoy the slow pace of modern life.


🔥#2. Lady-Like Look with a Hoodie & a Skirt

If you dislike too much neutral vibe that a hoodie gives you, how about pairing it with a skirt to add cuteness and sweetness? The key is to pick an oversized hoodie and tuck your hoodie into the skirt to improve the balance of your body shape.


🔥#3. A Layered Look with a Hoodie & a Trench Coat

We are sure that you have seen this look on many other fashion blogs. This new effortless stylish look can’t go wrong on the street style fashion scene. Not sure how to pick a color to match your hoodie? Black, white, and neutral colors are the safest choices!


🔥#4. A Layered Look with a Hoodie & a Shirt/ a Tee-Shirt

I know it’s already summer! Many of you already lost your interest in purchasing winter clothing even if they are on hot sale. Don’t worry. You can also complete a layered look with summer pieces such as an oversized shirt or a tee-shirt. By doing so, you can create a “go-to-school” vibe!


🔥#5. Minimalist’s Favorite: Hoodie & Jeans

How can we forget jeans? Finishing your hoodie look with a jeans is the most classic choice. If you think such outfits are too ‘boring’, then you can choose cute accessories to level up your look!


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